Xquic, converted to a Quetzal, is sacrificed in the Mayan ritual for the return of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl)

Traveling from Earth  to the planet  New Earth in  the  Andromeda  galaxy via  teleportation,  at the  replica of  the pyramid  of  Kukulkan  (Quetzalcoatl)   that  was  built  there
by  the  Rupturians,  Tepeu, with  the  assistance  of  his  gradfather, the Mayan priest Gucumatz, performs an ancient Mayan ritual for the return of Kukulkan that involves the
sacrifice of a Quetzal bird.   The Quetzal bird explodes  in a myriad  of  colors   that open up the gate to  Xibalba,  the underground dimension,  where there is no time and no
space, and where he can communicate with the last of the Rupturians.    
The gamma-ray burst of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth

We are at the verge of extinction!

Tepeu  performs  the  final  steps of  the  Mayan  ritual  in a replica that the Rupturians built in  New  Earth  of  the underground  world  of  Cenote,
the  sacred   well  of  sacrifice  in Chichen Itza, at the moment when a beam of light touches the tip of the stalactite.  

Written by Albert Herrera (Alberto Herrera-Guzmán)   -  Directed by Michael Martinez  -  Mayan scenes directed by Jorge R. Galindo
Who were the Rupturians?

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Facing mass extinction on Earth, our only way out is via teleportation to the planet New Earth in  the  Andromeda  galaxy.  New
Earth  is a  planet in a three stars system: Two suns on the right side and one on the left. The sunset and the dawn occur

The Rupturians built a replica in New Earth of the Mayan pyramid El Castillo, for us to perform there an ancient Mayan ritual for the
return of
Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent.

With   sun   lights   coming  from  opposite  sides,   the  sunset  shows  Kukulkan's   shadow descending  the pyramid  ("leaving"),  
and  the dawn  shows  Kukulkan's  shadow ascending ("returning").

In the Mayan ritual for the return of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, the pyramid itself represents the serpent.   A real  Quetzal  flies down  
and  up along with the shadow, and it is sacrificed in the end.
The Rupturians, a highly advanced alien civilization from the Triangulum galaxy,  send us the  warning that our planet is going to be hit by the gamma-ray burst  (GRB)  of  the  
binary  stars  
WR104's  supernova explosion,  causing  mass  extinction  on  Earth.  Our only hope for salvation is Tepeu, a Mayan boy who is predestined to receive in his body
the spiritual force of the Rupturians, and to get access to their advanced technology to build a GRB protective shield

Rupturian, the Last Call from Earth saga
for human survival

A Sci-Fi multimedia franchise

5G 6G, 7G- - -> 1000G: RUPTURIAN

The Rupturian story happens mainly in New York, Guatemala (Atitlan Lake) and Mexico (Chichen Itza).

However, since the main event of the movie is about the mass extinction of life on the Earth,

there are backgground scenes in several major cities of the world:

Brazil, Spain, UK, France, Vatican, Russia, Nigeria, Dubai, India and China.    

This is a potential
real problem

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Death in the Universe
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