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I invite you to consider the Rupturian project for investing / lending

Al Herrera  (Alberto Herrera Guzmán)  

Star Wars Event

Rupturian is the next big hit in
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For investors / lenders to evaluate the commercial potential of the film I have available the following elements for review:

1.   Rupturian Presentation in PowerPoint, PDF and Video
2.   Rupturian in One Page
3.   Rupturian Business Concept   -About the Rupturain Franchise
4.   Rupturian Businesss Plan
5.  Script  -About the Rupturian Script
6.  Budget  -About the Rupturian Budget
7.  Two short films made with the same actors and crew that will work on Rupturian  (
Renascent  and  Walking with Angels)
8.  One video that presents the concept of a trailer for the first movie of the trilogy  (download available upon request)
9.  Two books about the Rupturians
(Rupturian Vision of Reality and  Last call from Earth)     
10. Five inter-related promotional websites, starting with
11. Participation in several social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest)
12, Blog ((
13, Thousands of references in Google about the Rupturians
The growth strategy is to produce the first film of the Rupturian tetralogy with a budget as low as possible ($10M). With the first film we will have sales over $50M.  We will
then produce the second film with a budget of $20M, with potential sales over $75M. This will allow us to do the third film with a budget of $30M, with potential sales of
over $100M, and so on.       
The latest series of STAR WARS came out in December 2015,
with the greatest release ever, in 4,134 theaters


Imagine you are in 1975, 40 years ago...

In a galaxy, "far, far away"...

you are offered the opportunity of producing the first film of the franchise "STAR WARS" for $10 Million.

What do you do?

Consider that so far, the STAR WARS franchise's profits have been $4.38 billion,
to which you will add the profits from the new release:

As of January 22, 2016:  $879,289,346

Rupturian is a franchise similar to STAR WARS, more up-to-date scientifically,
more realistic, and occurs in the present time with real problems.    

I offer you the opportunity of participating in   
the production of the first film of the Rupturian franchise

Compared with the
Rupturian Wars

The Star Wars
are like children playing

The Rupturian Super Suits
are more powerful than
Superman, Iron Man
and Spider Man

all of them combined  

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