As photons are packets of light, the soulstrings are packets of spiritual energy.

Before the Rupturians, spiritual energy existed only in an undifferentiated way,
giving life to animals and plants, but due to their evolution over 20 million years,
when the Rupturians annihilated themselves, when they destroyed their physical
bodies, their spiritual energy manifested by itself, without a body, in small
packets, like photons, in what are called "soulstrings".

Throughout history, the soulstrings have appeared in several places.
They have been taken as angels.
Soulstrings flying over the Great China Wall in the 3rd Century BC.
Soulstrings flying over the Mayan pyramid of the Great Jaguar, in Tikal, 6 centuries AC.
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Rupturian Vision of Reality
The Rupturians flourished as an advanced civilization for over 20 million
years; just imagine, 20 million years. We Human beings do not have
more than 8 million years of evolution.

In 20 million years the Rupturians got to know the ins and outs of the
universe.. All their knowledge is in the Rupturian Intergalactic Network
(RIN), which in concept is like the Internet, but a lot more advanced,  and
with a scope the reaches the Local Group of galaxies.
The Soulstrings are the
spiritual energy of life.

They are the basis for the
formation of the DNA

They  fly in pairs of double
lines, like in a
DNA double helix