SOA LEGACY INC has been providing management
consulting services in Information Technologies to major
private and government institutions in North, Central
and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa
and the Far East.


It has provided services to:
Change of mission
With the advent of the Sci-Fi multi-media franchise Rupturian, SOA LEGACY shifted its focus to manage the
commercialization of all the franchise products, which includes films, video-games, books, toys and several theme
related gadgets.

The Rupturian saga (eight films) starts with a mass extinction catastrophic event that puts us in contact with a
highly advanced alien civilization, the Rupturians, includes our perils and advancements having access to
their highly advanced technology, our biological improvements engineering our evolution, and our explorations
into distant corners of the universe.

It ends with a last call from Earth, just before its final destruction; humans as we are, we will end up destroying

This is a very strong statement, and sad indeed!
Rupturian represents the spirit of our time, our "zeitgeist"

The Rupturian saga covers topics that will become natural in the next 50 years, like the engineering of human
evolution, our immersion in a new digital enlightenment age with the global proliferation of smart phones,
artificial intelligence and augmented reality, a better understanding of the origins of our universe, space exploration,
and even soul (consciousness) transplantation from one body to another.

With the new 5G technology, the teleportation of holographic images will be possible
With the James Webb Space Telescope, we will be able to see the origins of our universe   

That's the theme of Rupturian VI -Birth and Expansion of Our Universe
To appreciate the richness of the Sci-Fi concept, do a GOOGLE search for rupturian, and click on IMAGES.

To learn about the Rupturian saga, click on the following images


The management, production and distribution of the Rupturian franchise products, for tax reasons,
is under the consortium of the following three companies working in an integrated manner:
SOA LEGACY INC registered in the State of New York, manages the
commercialization of all the Rupturian franchise products (films, video games,
books, toys, and gadgets related to the Rupturian theme.
BERNAL FILMS CORP registered in the State of New York as a Film Production
Company (FPC), manages the production of the films of the franchise. It will
receive from the State of New York, the 30% Tax Credit of film Production and  
Post-Production expenses provided as an incentive to the film industry
RUPTURIAN ENTERPRISES INT'L registered in Dubai as a commercial
Franchise Rights Holding Company (FRHC) manages the worldwide
distribution, including the USA, of all the franchise products. It will get the
benefits of the no-corporate-income-tax regulations of the UAE.

The Rupturian Consortium is an
entertainment group that produces films,
video games, Apps. books, toys and  gadgets related to the

new digital world

5G, 6G, 7G - - -> 1000G: Rupturian
What do we do with such an immense power?

Can we end up annihilating ourselves?
RUPTURIAN E-CENTER registered in Guatemala, provides Production and
Post-Production support to Bernal Films Corp, and via online collaboration,
operations support to SOA Legacy Inc. and Rupturian Enterprises Int'l, thus creating
a virtual e-consortium that integrates opertions in New York, Dubai and Guatemala.

It will benefit from the lower costs and the fiscal incentives available in Guatemala.

The Rupturian Center will support,
in addition to film Production and Post-Production activities,
translation to several languages, books editing, graphical design, animation,
development of video games and cellular Apps,
public relations, digital marketing and handling of social networks.