Rupturian in pictures

Al:  Parker Wood
Melina: Claudia Lopez
Michael: Alberto Farrés

Tepeu: Michael Feijo
xquic:  Daniela Lopez
Bill: Kalu Ikeagwu
Supernova's GRB that is about to hit the Earth
Location for the Mayan ceremony for the
Return of Kukulkan
Location for Tepeu's transfiguration into the
last of the Rupturians  (Kukulkan)
Return of the spirit of Kukulkan
Integration of the spirit of Kukulkan  with the spirit of Tepeu
Integration of the DNA of Kukulkan
(the last of the Rupturians)
with the DNA of Tepeu
Advanced DNA of the Rupturians

Before annihilating themselves,
the Rupturians had obtained a highly advanced stage of evolution
Sacrifice of Xquic, converted to a Quetzal,
in the ceremony for Tepeu's transfiguration  
When the Rupturians annihilated themselves, their spirits remained in the form of Soulstrings.

They have appeared several times throughout our history.  They have been taken as angels.
Helen: Viktoria Vinyarska
The Rupturian Super Suits Force was created to support human survival activities. They get their power from the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN).

They connect to the RIN via a smartphone they carry on their belts.

They are more powerful than Superman, Spider Man and Iron Man, all of them combined.

Their weakness is that if they get disconnected from the RIN, they lose their power.

We are in the process of designing the Rupturian Super Suit uniforms.

The following are suggestions within the "comics" line; the other alternative is to make them more realistic, like army uniforms with some variations.
When the huge binary stars WR104 of the Sagittarius Constellation explode, they consume more energy than all the energy that has been consumed by our Sun throughout all its history.
The supernova explosion creates a gamma ray burst (GRB) that is directed towards the Earth.    

Compared with the Earth, the Sun is big;
but the Sun is very small; rather, insignificant,  compared  with other stars in the universe

The Sun is very small compared with Arcturus; and Arcturus is very small compared with Antares
With the WR104 Supernova, a new Ice Age could be created, which would llast for several million years; as it happened on Earth 400 million years ago with the Ordovician extinction.        

However, using advanced Rupturian technology, we will create a shield to protect the Earth from the WR104 GRB.  This is the story of Ruptuirian I: Extinction on Earth, which deals with
biological survival.  

Having access to the advanced Rupturian technology, we will almost annihilate ourselves, Humans as we are, always in social conflict.   This is the story of Rupturian II: Our own annihilation, which deals with
socio-political survival.

If we all die, but not only us Human beings,  but all forms of life, that is, if the spirit or force of life disappears from the face of the Earth; if we destroy the Solar System, as the Rupturians did with their star system...  
This is the story of Rupturian III:  The Rupturian's end, which deals with
spiritual survival.

We humans have
10 million years of evolution.

he Rupturians had over
20 million years of evolution

Their knowledge is recorded in the
Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN)
Tepeu will become a very powerful Human-Rupturian
and he will save the Earth from the
WR104 GRB hit
The Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN)
that reaches the Local Group of galaxies.
The Local Group of galaxies includes our galalxy,
the Milky Way, the Andromeda, and the
Triangulum galaxies.
The universe is so big, that these
galaxies are referred to, as

The planet New Earth is in the
Andromeda galaxy.
Our solar system is at the edge of the
Milky Way galaxy
The Rupturian planets were in the
Triangulum galaxy
Compared with Antares,
Arcturus is small

and the Sun
In the last scene of Rupturian I, in anticipation of Rupturian II, where Tepeu and Xquic play a major role, Xquic is converted to a Rupturian, like Tepeu already is.
Xquic's transfiguration happens in a special ceremony where she wears a dress with symbols of the Mayan cosmos,  blue for the color of the universe,
and emeralds, green for color of the Earth, and that in the Mayan world represent immortality.    
Now imagine the size
with Antares

This jewelry is only to show the

Xquic's jewelry will be lighter,
more appropriate
to a young girl.

Xquic's dress
will not have a collar,
like the one on the right;
it will be opened,
like the one bellow.

Concepts related to the Rupturian Vision of Reality

Xquic is an indigo girl that anticipates events that are about to happen
New Earth is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy

In anticipation  of the arrival of the Humans, the Rupturians built in New Earth a city, including a teleportation station.

The Rupturian architecture style  uses many circular elements, similar to the following:
Teleportation station
Walk from the teleportation station to RNEC
According to the Rupturians, our universe is one among several

Our universe has several dimensions in the physical layer.

Within the realm of Being and Not-Being, the reality of our
universe has two dimensions: real and parallel (or backgrouond) .
June: Molly J. Millard
Rupturian New Earth City (RNEC)

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