The script is structured in episodes.   

The script will be converted to a short graphical novel, and will be published  both in  printed and digital (ebook) formats,

                   Each episode will have from 6 to 12 graphics interspersed along the text.

An appendix will have  sections on
Scene Locations, Science Fiction, Mayan Culture, Religious Connotations,

the Rupturian Tetralogy, the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN), the Soulstrings,

                                           and the Rupturian Vision of Reallity. .

                                        The text will have links to related materials.
R u p t u r i a n

Introduction: RUPTURIAN -Extinction on Earth

Episode One: Destruction of the Rupturian Civilization
1) Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN)
2) Destruction of the Rupturian Civilization  
3) The Soulstrings are born
4) The Soulstrings in Central Park, New York
5) The Soulstrings in Atitlan Lake, Guatemala
6) Tepeu’s box and Tepeu’s mask
7) Picture of Tepeu with a small box that has Tepeu as a toy
8) The Soulstrings get into Tepeu’s head and fly around his  body  
9) Picture of Xquic with a small box that has Xquic as a toy
10) Tepeu’s soulstrings from his right arm touch Xquic and  fly around her body  
11) The soulstrings create a rupture in the San Andres Fault
12) The full Moon with a circle of soulstrings around it

EpisodeTwo:  Discovery of the Supernova
1) Al and Helen in their apartment
2) CBRN Operations Support Room
3) Michael and Melina in Michael’s office at CBRN
4) Al’s Hazmat suit
5) Al descends inside the rupture
6) The soulstrings cut Al’s rope while he is descending
7) Al finds the spheres at the bottom of the rupture
8) Inside of a sphere: A communications node  
9) The spheres project holograms
10) WR104 supernova
11) The GRB of the supernova goes toward the Earth  
12) What would happen if the GRB hits New York
The soulstrings were born
Eight thousand years ago the supernova of the binary stars
WR104 of the Sagittarius constellation created a  Gamma Ray
Burst  (GRB) that is coming towards the Earth
Six thousand years ago the Rupturians destroyed themselves.
Their physical bodies disappeared, but their spiritual energy continued:
At the time of the supernova, the Rupturians sent us a capsule with a
recording of the explosion, via a wormhole.

The capsule  arrived to Earth two thousand years ago, but in those
days, nobody found it.
Only one Rupturain survived, and he sent us soulstrings to call our
attention to the capsule. Once we found the capsule, in a projected
hologram, we learned that the GRB is about to hit the  Earth in 26
days, causing mass extinction.

Episode Three: Discovery of the  
Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN)
1) At the lake, picture of Xquic as an indigo girl
2) Xquic’s premonition: The Quetzal is attacked
3) At the lake, Tepeu with his right arm sends soulstrings   to Xquic. The  soulstrings fly
over her body.  
4) At CBRN conference room: Tepeu’s flare of soulstrings
5) At CBRN, the spheres inside the spheres hologram goes up
6) Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN) -Scope: Local Group      of Galaxies
7) Andromeda in the Local Group of Galaxies
8) Planetary system with three stars and six planets  -First planet: New Earth
9) A city under a dome, in New Earth     
10) New Earth: Replica of the pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza
11) Tepeu’s indication of what they need to do
12) Helen is worried  
In the capsule we find a communications node that allow us to
see the recording of the Supernova

Episode Four: Teleportation is the way out
1) Bob and Anne at Central Park, New York
2) Al connects to the RIN from his computer
3) Bob and Anne appear in New Earth  
4) Picture of the city under the dome, in New Earth
5) Al’s realization: Teleportation is the way out
6) Al calls Michael, very excited
7) Bob and Anne take other pictures at New Earth
8) Al calls June at CBRN  
9) Bob and Anne appear at CBRN  
10) Bob and Anne at the conference room in CBRN
11) The team watches Bob and Anne’s picture  
12) Tepeu tells them, what to do
Via the RIN, we can give instructions to the Soulstrings to teleport
us to the planet New Earth in the Andromeda galaxy.

Episode Five: We are at the verge of extinction
1) Chiefs of Staff, initial meeting
2) Helen makes a presentation
3) Simulation of New York City destroyed by the GRB
4) Effects of the GRB in other areas of the Earth
5) Formation of a new Ice Age
6) Realization: We are at the verge of extinction
7) Excitement at the Chiefs of Staff meeting   
8) Al: There is a way out via teleportation
9) The Chiefs of Staff see Bob and Anne recordings
10) The president creates a special assessment team
11) Al tells Michael about his creation of Hazmat suits  
12) Helen is worried about Al’s teleportation to New Earth
When the GRB hits the Earth there will be life mass extinction,
and a new Ice Age will begin.  

Episode Six: Creation of a Special Force
1) Al creates the Rupturian Super Suits
2) Bob as a Rupturian Super Suit
3) Special Force at the Army base
4) The Chiefs of Staff are watching
5) At CBRN, Bob gives the command to start the teleportation
6) Soulstrings initiate the teleportation
7) Al receives a call from Anne: Rupturian is trapped    
8) The special force appears in New Earth  
9) The Chiefs of Staff are amazed  
10) The General: Survival gear required in New Earth
11) Al: There is a threat in New Earth   
12) Al, Gucumatz and Tepeu are teleported to the city
Before and after the new Ice Age
The soulstrings are the spiritual force of the Rupturians,
manifested without a physical body.
The RIN is like an Internet that reaches the Local Group of Galaxies:
Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum.
The Rupturian Super Suits are more
powerful than Superman, Iron Man and
Spider Man. They obtain their power
connecting to the RIN with a cellular phone,
and using advanced Rupturian  

Episode Seven: The Return of Kukulkan
1) Walking towards the pyramid of Kukulkan
2) A big black bird kills the Quetzal(Xquic’s premonition)
3) At the pyramid of Kukulkan
4) Xquic gets converted to a Quetzal  
5) Tepeu and Gucumatz perform the Mayan ceremony
6) Tepeu’s mask transformation into a feathered serpent
7) The holographic Mayan priest
8) The gate to Xibalba is opened   
9) The soulstrings fly over Chichen Itza in full splendor  
10) They enter the underworld of Xibalba
11) Magnetic beings suck Gucumatz blood
12) Kukulkan’s spirit gets into Tepeu’s body
Tepeu performs a Mayan ritual at the
replica of the pyramid of Kukulkan
that is in New Earth, using a mask that
transforms into the head of a
feathered serpent.

With this ritual he gets connected to
the gate of Xibalba, which allows him
to access the parallel dimension of
reality, where the spirit of the last of
the Rupturians is trapped.
Tepeu's ritual mask
Gate to the parallel dimension of reality

Episode Eight: The GRB hits the Earth
1) Chiefs of Staff: There will be panic on the streets
2) About to declare a global stage of siege
3) Tepeu calls Al: Connect to the RIN and ask for help    
4) Al connects to the RIN
5) RIN: Create a gas cloud diffuser to protect from the GRB  
6) President: Go ahead  
7) The RIN creates the gas cloud diffuser: comets, GRB path
8) Joy at the Chiefs of Staff  
9) Melina: let’s infiltrate into the Super Suits force   
10) The day / night of the hit
11) The supernova
12) Xquic gets converted into a Rupturian
Protecting the Earth from the harmful effects of the GRB, with a
gas cloud diffuser, we can appreciate the lights of the
Xquic gets converted to a Rupturian.

In the very last scene, in anticipation of Rupturian Wars -Our own annihilation,
Xquic, an indigo girl as she is,
in a premonition sees that Melina, as a Super Suit,
destroys the Empire State building creating a pandemonium

Short graphical novel

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