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Kickstart Rupturian  -  Startup Crowdfunding

There will be several rounds to raise $100K

Crowdfunding for PROFITS  

The minimum to participate in the campaign for PROFITS is from $100.00.

First, you will receive your money back, 100%, plus a profit of 10%,
immediately upon raising the main funds to produce the film.

Second, you will get profits from the first 3 months after the release of the movie,
calculated on the basis of 5% for $100,000.00

The Perks for your participation include:

    Participation in a raffle to receive invitations, for a couple, with all expenses paid, to
    assist to the premier of the movie in New York, Mexico, Guatemala or Spain.

    Being listed in the Credits of the film.

    Opportunity to appear as Extra in the film  

Free download of the PDF "Introduction to the Rupturian World"

Getting a 5% participation in the profits of a $10 million film,
with expected sales of over $50 million,
from the first three months after its release


Getting 5% of the profits is equivalent of having invested $500.000.00,
when actually you invested $100,000.00.

Even when the following button says "Donate", actually what you are doing is not a donation.
What you are doing is buying a PARTICIPATION from which you are going to get a PROFIT.

"Donate" is the only button available at PayPal that allows to enter a variable amount,
and it is intended for funds raising.

When you buy a PARTICIPATION in the campaign,
you will get an email indicating the amount that you will receive back:
your contribution + 10% of it,
and the corresponding % to be received from the film profits.

You may also send your
participation by check
or wire transfer.

For details contact

Rupturian World

You also get
all the PERKS
Participants' finders
at this stage
get 10%.  Contact