Crowdfunding Campaigns
for Startup and Equity Funds
Stage I: Kickstart Rupturian
Crowdfunding to raise startup funds

for Perks  (minimum $20) and
for Profits (minimum $100)    

The goal is to raise $100K of startup money

Stage II: Produce Rupturian  

Crowdfunding for Equity (minimun $1,000)    
-complying with SEC crowdfunding regulations-

The goal is to raise $10M to produce the first film of the Rupturian franchise
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Participants' finders at this stage get 10%, paid immediately upon participation.
This opportunity is of particular interest to AFFILIATES. Contact

considering that you get back 110% of your money as soon as the budget funds are raised,
plus an additional % of the film profts
With at least  $10.00 you get in return ebooks