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Al Herrera  (Alberto Herrera Guzmán)  


Rupturian Film Budget  $10M
In the original script, the duration of the Rupturian film was going to be over two hours, and it had several scenes that were very expensive to make. When Al Herrera wrote
the script, he was not thinking in the production costs; but only in the story -with his imagination as the  only limit. We took his original script and asked a professional that
prepares budgets for the major studios, to prepare one for Rupturian; the budget he prepared was too high, as if the film was going to be produced by Walt Disney or 20th
Century Fox.

We took that budget rather as a guide, and made changes to the script to be able to make the movie with the lower possible budget.  We shortened the duration, and
keeping the essence of the story, moved the expensive scenes to subsequent movies. We did the budget several times, over and over again, until we finally came to the
conclusion that $10 million is a reasonable figure for a movie like Rupturian -being produced independently. .

As far as the film distribution is concerned, our plan is to have two management teams, one that works on Production and the other one on Distribution -from the very
beginning. The $10M  budget includes $1,000,000.00 to cover distribution marketing costs -this includes shooting background scenes in several major cities as a way to
attract audiences worldwide.

Even when Rupturian is an advanced Sci-fi movie about a major catastrophe to occur on Earth,  it doesn’t have space ships, robots, transformers, fights, destruction
scenes or any other complicated and expensive set ups. It can be made using advanced digital technology with a budget of $10,000,000.00 - including the $1,000,000.00
mentioned to market the distribution of the film.

In CGI, the expensive scenes are those where there is human and animals interaction with CGI backgrounds, but in Rupturian I, most of the CGI scenes occur in space with
physical objects that are created in the computer.     

Other reasons for our low budget

Since the plot is based on the supernova of the WR104 binary stars creating a gamma-ray burst (GRB) that hits the Earth causing mass extinction, and this is a real
potential problem, it has been documented by NASA, ESA and several other institutions. We will contact them to obtain permission to use their images as a basis for our
CGI work. We have already used some of those images to develop our concept for a trailer.

The ritual for the return of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) will show the area of Chichen-Itza in the splendor of the Mayan civilization. For this scene we will use as a basis for our
CGI, maquetas of that area already developed by anthropological museums in Mexico.

Since 75% of the production work will be in New York, we are entitled to receive from the State of New York, as an incentive to the movie industry, 30% of the Production
and Post-Production expenses  -this allow us to do a major portion of Post-Production, at lower costs in Guatemala and Mexico.    

                                                                        A lot of the high quality technical work for Elysium was done in Mexico.

The overall business concept is to start the production of the Rupturian saga (eight films) with the lowest possible budget; once the first movie of the Rupturian saga is out,
and is a success, then we will use larger budgets for the rest of the movies.   

The basic concept for the preparation of the budget was changed from “I have this script to make the first Rupturian movie, how much money do I need?” to the other way
around:  “I have $10 Million, what version of the first movie of the Rupturian saga can I make with it?”

What is the best use of this amount? First, the actors and key crew personnel have accepted to work on the basis of “points”; that is, with low salaries but with a percentage
of the profits up to an established amount; second, for our CGI work we will use as a basis images and maquetas already developed by other institutions, and third, we will
do as much as possible of our Post-Production work in Mexico and Guatemala. .   
We already have a video that presents the concept for a trailer to promote the film to Distributors. In the film there are scenes with crowds in major cities of
the world.  The Distribution Management team, in consultation with potential distributors, will include scenes in cities that depend on the markets that we want
to approach, that is, in addition to North America, like Beijing, Sao Paulo, Abuja, etc.

One of the main supporting actors will be from Nigeria, as a way of facilitating the distribution of the film in the Nollywood market, and another from India, for
Bollywood and other Hindi markets.       

The marketing-distribution marketing team will also look for film distributors in mainland China, Honk Kong and Taiwan.

The potential for the film in Latin America, and the Latin communities in the USA is of great importance, and it comes natural due to the Rupturian main
characters that come from the Mayan culture.