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I invite you to consider the Rupturian project for investing / lending

Al Herrera  (Alberto Herrera Guzmán)  

Al Herrera's pitch

Rupturian is the next big hit in entertainment
Business Opportunity

I need $10 million to start a Sci-Fi franchise that includes a tetralogy of films, books, video-games and toys. Imagine Star Wars, but more up-to-date scientifically, more
realistic, occurring in the present time, and with a terrestrial flavor.

With $10 million I can produce the first film, Rupturian –Extinction on Earth.  A similar Sci-Fi film, Skyline, was also produced with $10 million, and had sales of $79 million.
The Rupturian franchise has potential to generate, in a period of 6 to 8 years, over $300 million.

Rupturian is a highly scalable investment; it is the perfect opportunity to angel investors and venture capitalists.

The story of Rupturian –Extinction on Earth is about the GRB of a supernova explosion about to hit the Earth,
causing mass extinction and creating a new Ice Age.

Written by Al Herrera, the script was reviewed by writers from "Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “The Lord of the

The Rupturian Super Suits are deputies that using Rupturian Technology, become more powerful than Superman.
Spiderman and Iron Man; all of them combined.  This is an important concept.   

Rupturian follows the model of highly successful Sci-Fi movies in terms of story, Earth and alien exotic ambiances,   
an event that affects mankind, and worldwide general audiences.

The actors for the main role were selected in 260 auditions. The role of the President of the United States will be played by an A-list actor. One supporting role will be
played by an actor well known in the Televisa (Mexico) network, and another by an actor well known in the Nolllywood (Nigeria) market.