Bernal Films
The exploration continues,
this time in the universe
Bernal Films Corp is a film production company (FPC) registered in the State of New York  
for the production of the Rupturian tetralogy of  films.

It runs under the umbrella of Rupturian Enterprises Corp, a corporation registered in the State of New York
that manages the production and commercialization of all the components of the
Rupturian Sci-Fi Franchise:  
films, video-games, books, toys, clothing, gadgets, etc.

The worldwide distribution of all the components of the franchise is under Rupturian Enterprises International,
a Rights Holding Company (RHC) registered in Dubai.  

Bernal Films produces high quality films using the latest digital technologies.
The Rupturian tetralogy is composed of scenes that are over 50% created with computer generated images (CGI).  
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Rupturian I:  Extinction on Earth    
The gamma-ray burst of the WR104 supernova is about to hit the Earth. We are on the verge
of extinction. Our only salvation is possible using Rupturian technology,
a highly advanced alien civilization.

Rupturian II:  Our own annihilation (Rupturian Wars)
With the advanced technology of the Ruprurians we start to explore vast  areas of the
universe, but with such an advanced technology we come close to annihilating ourselves. .

Rupturian III: The Rupturian's end
Via records of the Rupturian Intergalactic Network (RIN) –similar to our Internet but of a Local
Galaxies (Milky Way, Andromeda and Triangulum) scale, we will see how and why the
Rupturians destroyed themselves
Rupturian IV:  The birth of the Universe

With the advanced technology of the Rupturians, we will reach the edge of
the expanding universe; we will see how the universe was created in the
Big Bang explosion
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